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Inspire Me: Perception

In INSPIRE ME: PERCEPTION, you will see poems which introduce you to the “Self” of Bestselling Amazon Author Sonia Iris Lozada, and an invitation to explore your own “Self,” your own dreams and fascinations, your own regrets and hopes. In “Perception,” you will be introduced to the prodding of dreams in caressing breezes and the reverence of the day’s beginning. Sonia Iris Lozada has given us, with these poems, an assurance of the way life goes on–with us, despite us.


Sonia Lozada never ceases to amaze me. Her poetry books are entertaining, enlightening and deeply personal. I admire how honest and vulnerable she allows herself to be. This new book entitled “…Perception” covers a plethora of topics from forgiveness to dreams to food! Although the subject matter is diverse, they all have the same through-line which is that perception is everything. How we see the world and interpret it is how it will be presented to us. This deeply spiritual book of poems is bound to be perceived as uplifting, intimate and brave.

Sonia is so very talented. She writes easy to understand yet thought-provoking poetry. Her imagination transforms your thoughts. If you are on the fence about poetry give this author a try she will definitely change your mind.

So very touching I had to read multiple times. Each time I got something different out of each poem. Sonia is a very talented writer and her connection to life is very real and her emotions are very raw, I love it.

I loved this book SO much! What a journey it takes you on, a beautiful and inspiring journey of life. It is filled with raw emotion and feelings. The poems are beautiful and full of stories that take you on adventures through life that are so vivid you almost feel like you are there. It is moving, intriguing, inspiring and a must read!

 FOLLOW, Akashic Dreaming through Time, available on Amazon.  Click the book cover to go to Amazon

Follow: Akashic Dreaming Through Time

In FOLLOW, Akashic Dreaming through Time, Sonia Iris Lozada captures the essence of many lifetimes through meditations and dreams.  Every stanza emulates the traveling soul’s history. The individuals’ experiences from anger to forgiveness and acceptance which guides us home.


What a beautifully descriptive book. I can’t get enough! As I read it, I felt a part of the story. I envisioned every word. It was well placed. Well written. Nothing falls short. I would love to read a longer version of these poems. Job well done. I personally want to congratulate you. I knew after reading Raw, that this was going to be awesome. Your vision is unique and beautiful. Please don’t ever stop writing!

Sonia Lozada is an author whom I feel inspires deep spiritual contemplation in her poetry. Follow connects intellect with spirit. The way the author finishes the book with a poem tying history’s memories to universal knowledge in the Akashic Records awed me. Such a wonderful, thoughtful, emotional journey.

This is a beautiful book. It was written with wonderful emotion and it is very powerful. It’s an inspiring book of poetry and I highly recommend it to anyone. I would give it 500 stars if I could!

1st off. Never heard of Akashic Dreaming. This quick read was given to me by a friend. The more I read, the more intrigued I became. Sonia did an amazing job taking us on a journey.
Hope to read some more!

Inspire Me: Raw is available on Amazon and other online retailers.  Click the book cover to go to Amazon.

Inspire Me: Raw

Inspire Me: Raw is an exquisite collection of poems from actor, writer and poet Sonia Iris Lozada that is beautiful and inspiring.   Using her knowledge of events that shaped her life she shows others how having courage and faith can motivate them to move on with their lives, avoiding the negativity that often keeps us bound to the same place.


Wow! Very raw, deep, and beautiful! She has a real gift! Sad, funny and inspiring. First book from this author with many more to come, I’m sure.

And Raw it Is!!! Raw as a Heartbeat pounding in a little girl’s breast… And Riveting all the way through her Jagged but Never Jaded journey to Womanhood; polished to Insightful Brilliance, and holding Deeply Reflective Prose, Sonia Iris Lozada’s touching, tender and heartfelt poetry will Inspire “You”: Raw, Too!! ♡

A must-read.  This has been such an amazing experience for me as well as a treat.  The author brought out so many emotions out in me I was completely sobbing and laughing at the same time. I felt as of the author was speaking of me and expressing what I was feeling and going through.  I cannot wait to read your next book. Truly extraordinary and I wish you many blessings. Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

“Inspire me” has done just that…inspired me. I was awed as I read, and found myself on an exploration of my internal self. I lost and found myself again, and again through each poem. Thank you for the ride!