Thoughts of Children Playing

Detail of a model of the pottery terracotta army warriors and soldiers found outside Xi’an China

Thoughts of Children Playing from FOLLOW: Akashic Dreaming Through Time

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Fire burns tall in the kiln.  Hues sway of saffron, cardinal, amber with hints of cobalt mesmerize as the salty drops from forehead—stings eyes. Hands bleed from the dryness of yellow clay creating blood henna.  Craft soldiers for Emperor Qin Shi Huang—molding soldier’s figure, carve fine details.  Body aches from laboring days, thoughts of children playing, yearning family.  Outside the screams of whips upon the skin of convicts in this blistering purgatory.  Death visited before thirty-eight years, my handmade tile—tombstone. Ask and it shall be given—silence. Yet, I followed.