Cocoon Poem

Church Gargoyle

Last night a dream shook my soul
Simplicity at its beginning
An audition for singing songs
Lyrics of a different tongue—music was reggae
But why an unknown language?

My rhythm and vocal tone enjoyed
Casting states—Meet me at downtown club
Scattered trash along the street
Submarine gray tattered building
Gothic facade—house phone, but no answer

A naive woman approaches
But see’s this man’s club closed—turns away
Bouncer approaches telling me to leave
Bird of prey grasp, escorting me out
“Not a place for you, go home!”

Now—comfort oasis of home
Stillness in air. Doom feels close
Happy song plays from phone
Director—where did you go?
Handprint on arm—no more!

Noise outside door, the gargoyles fly
No longer perched on Notre Dame
These medieval protectors rise
Earth cries for change of life—gargoyles aid
Brave wings expand across stressed skies

Frozen unable to move—concealed room
Faint in a cocoon of scaled wings
Embrace me—sensing shelter
Figure changed—no longer frightened
Realize the captive wings are mine