As Halloween Approaches

A quick little poem for Halloween.

Halloween Night

Within the darkness of night
Leads the imagination of the unknown
It creeps when you’re not looking
The fear bestows – Nightmares!

Have a great holiday. Be safe and show loving kindness to all.

Many Blessings.


“Trust the wait, embrace the uncertainty, enjoy the beauty of becoming. When nothing is certain. Anything is possible.” Mandy Hale

woman stuck in an hourglass, concept of being prisoners of time passing

As we go through these uncertain times. It’s bewildering to me when most of us agree with this statement, yet time restraints put by either someone else or ourselves to get normal life existence. Life isn’t normal right now. I see so many holding on to their perceptions and beliefs at any cause. This is a time to let go. It’s a time where we have permission to start new. So, with much love. Take a deep breath, breathe, let go, and be blessed.

My Perception in Book Sales

IMP ebook cover
Inspire Me: Perception

Like most writers, the passion is in writing and storytelling. The downside is if you’re trying to sell books you not only have to advertise but learn about sale algorithms. I’ve spent the entire day learning (I do enjoy learning), changing keywords and categories in order to be the most transparent with what is the content in my books. Yes, they’re poetry but there are so many categories in poetry. Researching keywords took the longest but I got my keywords. I also took an ad out on Amazon (first time) for my book Inspire Me: Perception. I’ll check back in a month (that’s when the ad ends) and let you know how that went. In the meantime, be safe, show love, and many blessings.

Strange Times

Looking beyond today
Looking to the future – cover from Inspire Me: Perception

As a poet, I’ve had so many ideas for stories and poems. Writing with pen and paper seems to work to alleviate some stress of the changing world. Transferring them to the computer and editing is something I haven’t had the energy to do. I have felt a change was long overdue, but the insecurity and unknowingness are alarming. I’ve been watching less and less news. So much anger, depression, and mistreatment of our fellow man that it’s numbing because it’s overwhelming. I wish I had an answer to ease other’s pain. I have to learn to ease my own, to move forward.

May you be blessed, be safe and be kind. Much love! Sonia


Laughter and Joy is a blessing. Grateful.

What is gratitude? A difficult issue currently when so much is happening in the world. Protest, COVID 19 and if that wasn’t enough there was the issue of the killer hornets.

Gratitude is being grateful for what we have in our lives. Our health, family, friends, a home, food, laughter, and the knowledge to know that we will overcome these challenging times. Sending many blessings and take care of yourselves (health, love, and nourishment). Be safe.



It’s a strange time in our history. The pandemic affected many major cities in ways we haven’t thought of in our current history. Then the protesters for Black Lives Matter. I’m in total support of equality. That part of living in the United States should be a given. This might upset some but what I’ve realized that some interpret “equality” as taking over. As a minority myself it just means equality. To be treated with respect, compassion and consideration is just a human need, no matter what culture or color of your skin.

I’m pro mankind. To be able to live without fear. To be able to work without discrimination. To be able to love whomever you wish.

Sending blessings and much love to all. May we all be safe. Thank you!

Inspire Me: Perception #1 on Amazon

Excited to announce, Inspire Me: Perception is number ONE on Amazon under biographical fiction.

In INSPIRE ME: PERCEPTION, you will see poems that introduce you to the “Self” of Sonia Iris Lozada, and an invitation to explore your own “Self,” your own dreams and fascinations, your own regrets and hopes. In “Perception,” you will be introduced to the prodding of dreams in caressing breezes and the reverence of the day’s beginning.

INSPIRE ME: PERCEPTION FREE April 29th TO May 1st 2020

IMP ebook cover
Inspire Me: Perception

Inspire Me: Perception will be FREE eBook from April 29th to May 1, 2020 on Amazon

In INSPIRE ME: PERCEPTION, you will see poems which introduce you to the “Self” of Sonia Iris Lozada, and an invitation to explore your own “Self,” your own dreams and fascinations, your own regrets and hopes. In “Perception,” you will be introduced to the prodding of dreams in caressing breezes and the reverence of the day’s beginning.



“This new book entitled “…Perception” covers a plethora of topics from forgiveness to dreams to food! Although the subject matter is diverse, they all have the same through-line which is that perception is everything. How we see the world and interpret it is how it will be presented to us. This deeply spiritual book of poems is bound to be perceived as uplifting, intimate, and brave.”

“I loved this book SO much! What a journey it takes you on, a beautiful and inspiring journey of life. It is filled with raw emotions and feelings. The poems are beautiful and full of stories that take you on adventures through life that are so vivid you almost feel like you are there. It is moving, intriguing, inspiring, and a must-read! I would give it 100 stars if I could! 🙂 Definitely recommend this!”

“So very touching I had to read multiple times. Each time I got something different out of each poem. Sonia is a very talented writer and her connection to life is very real and her emotions are very raw, I love it.”

“Sonia is so very talented. She writes easy to understand yet thought-provoking poetry. Her imagination transforms your thoughts. If you are on the fence about poetry give this author a try she will definitely change your mind.”


May you be safe.
May you be free from inner and outer harm.
May you be healthy.
May you be happy.
May you be free from anger, pain, and suffering.
May you live with ease.
May you be filled with peace, joy,
and compassion for yourself and for others.


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Sending Blessings.