Inspire Me: Perception,  available on Amazon.  Click the book cover to go to Amazon

Inspire Me: Perception ebook cover
Inspire Me: Perception

In INSPIRE ME: PERCEPTION, you will see poems which introduce you to the “Self” of Bestselling Amazon Author Sonia Iris Lozada, and an invitation to explore your own “Self,” your own dreams and fascinations, your own regrets and hopes. In “Perception,” you will be introduced to the prodding of dreams in caressing breezes and the reverence of the day’s beginning. Sonia Iris Lozada has given us, with these poems, an assurance of the way life goes on–with us, despite us.

 FOLLOW, Akashic Dreaming through Time, available on Amazon.  Click the book cover to go to Amazon

Follow: Akashic Dreaming Through Time


In FOLLOW, Akashic Dreaming through Time, Sonia Iris Lozada captures the essence of many lifetimes through meditations and dreams.  Every stanza emulates the traveling soul’s history. The individuals’ experiences from anger to forgiveness and acceptance which guides us home.

Inspire Me: Raw is available on Amazon and other online retailers.  Click the book cover to go to Amazon.

Inspire Me: Raw

Inspire Me: Raw is an exquisite collection of poems from actor, writer and poet Sonia Iris Lozada that is beautiful and inspiring.   Using her knowledge of events that shaped her life she shows others how having courage and faith can motivate them to move on with their lives, avoiding the negativity that often keeps us bound to the same place.